London is always a good idea. 

London and the Cotswolds

Usually that phrase is intended for Paris, but we think London is worthy as well. A trip to London has the potential to be something new every time you visit. As one of the most lively, historic and well-known cities in the world — London hardly needs an introduction.  And while visiting London is certainly always a good idea, going in autumn is an even better idea.

Christmas decorations, mulled wine and brisk weather are the perfect addition to the crisp autumn air.

London, and England in general really know how to do their holiday decorations. Visiting as early as the beginning of November gives you a glimpse into the full charm of the holidays in London. By the time Christmas rolls around, every street has transformed into a winter wonderland. After bundling up, spend your days walking through the quaint streets and visiting the Christmas fairs. Pop into one of the seemingly endless picturesque pubs to warm back up and soon you’ll find you can spend an eternity exploring this amazing city.

London & The Cotswolds

While there are several Christmas markets in London, here’s two of the top ones:
1. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

This Christmas market is one of the largest and is set in one of the biggest and most iconic parks in the city. This sprawling market features a couple hundred stalls featuring more modern gifts as well as traditional German markets. Whether you’re catching up on holidays gifts for friends and family or looking for gift for yourself, there’s more than enough unique Christmas stalls to stock up!

2. Christmas by the River

There is no prettier stroll along the River Thames than this one — and lit up with picturesque Christmas stalls, lights and mulled wines shops — you’ll be overflowing with cheer. Even better than the market is the view, the sparkling river with a backdrop of Tower Bridge is hard to beat!

But, there’s more than just London!

Once you’ve had your fill of the city, take a drive through the quintessential English countryside to explore the breathtaking Cotswolds. An area made up of tiny villages nestled in the fall foliage made of the trademark yellow stone, a few days out here and you may never want to come home!

Whether you’re wanting to experience just London or want to explore more of the United Kingdom, we can put together the perfect itinerary to make your next vacation amazing!

Here’s a few sample itineraries to inspire you:

London & Country 2017 
The Best of Southern England 2017

If these itineraries have inspired you to hop over the pond, contact us to set up an appointment!

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