The charm of Killarney is undeniable.
Here, you’ll find yourself in the Irish countryside. The small town of Killarney is littered with small pubs, treat shoppes and, above all, it’s picturesque and charming.
Then, after exploring all of the wonderful little town has been completed — there are plenty of options for outside activities.

Killarney Ireland

With Killarney National Park situated spectacularly close to the town, exploring the beauty of County Kerry is easy! There is plenty to explore just in the National Park. But, a great way to immerse yourself in this natural beauty is the nearly 7 mile walk through the Gap of Dunloe winds through Killarney National Park. Passing along the way; small lakes, crumbling stone houses, and friendly sheep — always, lots of sheep. There are several ways to make this trek, by horse drawn carriage, by bike or on foot. Each of these ways provides for a different experience. Walking through The Gap is not particularly challenging, there is a paved road to walk for the majority of the walk and is gently winds through the landscape.
A few tips for the walk — bring some snacks if you plan on moseying through. There is a small restaurant at the very end of the hike to grab a snack before your ferry comes, as well as bathrooms — these are the only bathrooms for the whole hike!
The end of the hike wraps up with a ferry ride across Lough Leane.
The ferry ride is led by an Irishman providing the history of the area. This is certainly one of the highlights of the whole experience — gently making way across the glassy surface of Lough Leane, gliding under old stone bridges and ending at beautiful Ross Castle to continue exploring. The simplicity of gliding through this nearly other-worldly landscape in the still silence is something that you won’t soon forget.
The Gap of Dunloe is definitely a must!


This glimpse into the beauty of Killarney National Park is a wonderful way to view the Irish countryside as well as the history and people. If you’ve been dreaming about a trip to the Emerald Isle and want to experience more than Dublin, Killarney will show you all the charm that Ireland has to offer. Booking a trip to Ireland has endless possibilities, sights to see and food to try!
Don’t forget the Ring of Kerry!
Grab your rental car, and wind your way around this break taking road that circles outstanding scenery — don’t forget to drive on the left side of the road. The Ring passes the rough and impossibly green hillsides with sweeping views of the wild ocean. You’ll be sure to see plenty of sheep — so many so that you may get stuck in a traffic jam as they make their way across the narrow road. This is a classic drive, and during peak times in the summer, the road can be quite crowded by tour buses. If you want to make the experience your own, a rental car provides the opportunity to stop wherever you please along the way and essentially avoid the crowds! Another tip — do the route clockwise! The tour buses go counterclockwise and you won’t be trapped behind them for the whole drive.
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