We know, Brussels seems like the place to visit if you’re going to Belgium. But — hear us out.

Just a quick train ride (about one hour) away from Brussels, this quaint little European town is the dreamiest place you’ve never been. Full of canals, picturesque stone bridges, Bruges is home to some of the best (and oldest ) breweries around — but we’ll get to that in a bit.
Voted in the top 15 friendliest countries in the world, Bruges delights. It’s old world, riddled with canals and lush foliage, incredible architecture, overtly friendly locals, charming shops and sweet shops everywhere. To visit Bruges is to love Bruges. It’s as simple as picturing yourself getting lost while wandering through the cobblestone streets, venturing over arched stone bridges, and conversing with locals. You’ll find that the feelings that Bruges evokes are hard to replicate.


Forget everything you know about waffles.

As you step into the pastry shops, let the sweet smell of biscuits, cake, and most importantly, waffles wash over you. Here, in the land of waffles, you can find a menu dedicated solely to these sweet treats. As there are several types of waffles and endless combinations of toppings, this can be a bit overwhelming. While there is certainly no shortage of waffles in Bruges, quality here, is key. Chose wisely and the first Belgian waffle placed in front of you will be life changing — something that will be the mark of every waffle to cross your path from here to the end of days.

Be sure to check out these waffle shops:

1. Chez Albert
If you’re looking for one of the light and fluffy waffles…pop into this little shop! Located centrally in the town square, it’s a quick pit stop as you wander around this quaint town. Toss some fresh fruit and Belgium chocolate on top and you’ll be in waffle heaven.


2. Lizzie’s Wafels
This shop boasts “The Largest Homemade Waffles.” Freshly made when you order and drizzled in sweet chocolate and dusted with powdered sugar — be sure to visit Lizzie’s. This shop is located just off the central square and has a few seats outside so you can enjoy these sweet treats out on the cobblestones and watch the day pass by.

Don’t miss out on the Belgian Chocolate.

Known as some of the best chocolate around the world, Bruges is a wonderful place to get your fill — and maybe even bring some home for family and friends! There are many, many chocolate shops all over town and you’ll never be in short supply.

8 Travel Tips For Bruges, Belgium

You may be asking, “What’s so great about this Belgian chocolate.” Well, many of these shops produce their handmade chocolate in small batches. Today, much of the chocolate we know and love is mass-produced and machine made. Trust us, you’ll be able to taste this difference. Additionally, in 1912, Jean Neuhaus crafted up a new way to make his Belgian chocolate. Today, this new process is called ‘couverture’ and essentially uses smaller chunks or disks of chocolate. These smaller chunks are then melted down over a variety of things; creams, nuts, or fruit. This ‘couverture’ chocolate also contains more cocoa butter and therefore creamier than your average chocolate.
If you’re having a lazy day around Bruges, a walking chocolate tour is a great way to spend the day — you’ll find plenty of little shops to stop into!


Let’s talk world-class beer and breweries.

Beer lovers out there will have all their beer dreams fulfilled in Bruges. The Belgians have been brewing beer for hundreds of years — in fact, since before 1000 A.D.. Belgian beer is somewhat hard to classify, and covers such a wide array of brews that it’ll make your head spin. One of the unique aspects of Belgian beer is that some of these delicious brews are produced by Trappist monks! In fact, Bruges is home to Le Trappiste, an atmospheric underground cellar bar. Located just off of the main market area of town, this bar is a wonderful place to experience just what all the raving is about. All of the barkeeps are extremely knowledgeable about each brew and ordering a sample flight of several types is the perfect way to taste the wide variety of Belgian beers!


8 Travel Tips For Bruges, Belgium

For such a small country, Belgium packs a real punch — chocolate, waffles and beer that are known the world over.
 With cobblestone riddles streets, moody canal passages, and picturesque lego-like buildings, it’s the perfect little town to browse shops and relax.  Do yourself a favor and visit this picturesque medieval town! We’ll help you plan your stay!
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If you’re loving this itinerary as much as we are, contact us below to set up an appointment and get you to Bruges, Belgium!

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