It is the rare opportunity to make travel a part of my life and then to harness that passion into a tangible skill that can bring others to their next adventure that makes this job so exciting and rewarding. There are certainly a select few moments in each of our lives that truly exhilarate the soul and being able to bring some of those moments to you is fulfilling in more ways than one.

It is an odd feeling to have a passion within you before you can place your finger on what that passion is. For me, it was travel — it just took 23 years to find the word to match the feeling. My experiences with travel have taken me to fifteen countries and the list of must-see and must-do and must-eat have become seemingly endless. My most prized possessions are my memories of far off places — from picnicking under the crisp clouds and impossibly rich velvety green grass in the Swedish countryside to effortlessly floating for hours in the Mediterranean Sea; the memories of finding myself among friends rather than strangers, regardless of where in the world I am and being rendered truly speechless by a place or an experience or simply, a moment. Travel has an ethereal way of creating these moments — crafting up encounters and adventures to keep with you as your most prized possessions.

So, what is it that propels us to go? To feel at home across continents and oceans and to wake up not quite knowing where the day will take you — that’s what does it for me. Regardless of the reason for your travels, I’m here to help! Let’s add some moments and experiences and laughter and wonder and sheer speechlessness to your life — I’m ready when you are.


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